Acupuncture & Herbs
Medical Clinic

Ms. Yingkang Deng C.M.D. (China) L.Ac                 Over 30 Years of Experience

Ms. Yingkang Deng is a national board certified, and Maryland
state licensed acupuncturist. In 1999, she established
Acupuncture & Herbs Medical Clinic. Ms. Deng was formally trained
as a physician in medical school in China, and earned the Medical
Doctorate Degree with honors. Her extensive experience is backed
by more than thirty three years of practice in Traditional Chinese
Medicine (TCM), including Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine. Since
1999, she has provided more than a thousand effective
acupuncture treatments for her patients who were affected by
various conditions, even such cases as nerve deafness which has
been announced permanent hearing loss in the view of Allopathic
Medicine. Ms. Deng is highly respected by her patients for her
depth of knowledge in the field, extensive experience, and warm