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                 All About Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a sophisticated medical science that has been
used for thousands of years in China for a wide array of
ailments. In brief, it recognizes in people and in nature a vital
energy or life force known as Qi (or Chi). Qi is a source of
movements ranging from voluntary muscle action to blood
flow; it protects the body from external influences, and it
generates warmth. Qi flows through the body and to the
organs by way of an extensive system of channels know as
meridians. During treatment acupuncture needles are inserted
in to specific points along the meridians and they are
manipulated in order to rebalance and unblock the flow of Qi.

Modern research has indicated that needling on certain
specific points induces  the brain to release endorphins and
neurotransmitters that would regulate internal chemistry and
biological functions, and thereby help the body return to

Acupuncture needles are hair-thin and made from the finest
quality stainless steel. Most people find the treatment quite
relaxing. As a sign of “obtaining the Qi/energy”, some people
may have a slight sensation. It is a sign reflecting a positive
response to treatment.

Only sterile, disposable needles, which are packed by the
manufacture, are used in our clinic.